Invitation to the 41 Svc BN Birthday

Date: 01-Apr-2020


April 1st 2020, to be held in the unit lines at Currie.
(This year we will celebrate on 25 March in Edmonton and 1 April in Calgary.)

The following activities and timings will be held at each location

1930hrs - tour of unit lines by any who wish to join, in particular Cadets and parents with a focus on vehicles and ability to get inside and look around for the cadets. New vehicles to the Bn would be preferable, so we can "show off" new kit (even Associates / Old Guard like that). Depending on weather, possibly have those vehicles parked in maintenance bays.

2100hrs - Cake - Battalion Drink - Toast to the Bn - CO / Honourary to address the unit, clean up and dismissal.

Battalion toast: to: 41 Service Battalion : Response "The Life Blood in Battle"

Battalion Drink:
Equal parts: Belgian Beer / Normandy Cider plus (a small amount Italian Grappa)
Ensure Non-Alcoholic refreshment is available as well. (a punch of juice)