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About the Royal Alberta United Services Institute

Who We Are

  • We are members of the community who are or were involved with the military, peacekeeping, police services, business, academia, research, science & history.
  • We are individuals who support Canada’s Military:
       Regular Force and Reserves    Cadets: Navy, Army, Air,, Veterans    RCMP and Local Police
  • We are citizens who uphold the principles of freedom and democracy
  • We are members of the community who have come together “United in Service.”
  • We welcome enquiries for membership from individuals and organisations who share our Mandate, Vision and Values

Our Mandate

  • To encourage and promote the arts, science, literature and history related to the Canadian Military
  • To serve as an interface between the public and Canadian Military
  • To provide a variety of services to our members and guests
  • To cooperate with like minded organisations in providing activities and services

Our History

RAUSI began as “The Alberta Military Institute” in 1920. In 1947 it became “The Alberta United Services Institute,” and Finally, the prefix “Royal” was added by royal granting 1979. Since 1920 the Institute has been housed at the Mewata Armoury in Calgary, sharing the Officer’s’ Mess with the various units stationed in Calgary. The aim of the Institute has always included provision of support to the Regular and Reserve Units, as well as the Cadet Movement.

RAUSI partnered with The Calgary Garrison Officers’ Mess, making the Calgary Garrison Officers’ Mess a prized facility in the City of Calgary.

Over the years RAUSI has provided funds for Reserves, Bursaries, Cadet Corps, upgrading the Mess facility, and Veterans groups, including the Poppy Fund Veterans’ Food Bank and the Colonel Belcher Care Facility, and the Military Museums. In addition, RAUSI has assisted with special commemorative services, and provides a library, together with the University of Calgary, now housed the Military Museums.

Our Vision

To be the premier organization in Alberta linking the public with members of the Canadian Military and their role within and beyond the borders of Canada.

Our Mission

Members and Guests:
The primary purpose of RAUSI’s mission to its members and guests is to reinforce awareness of the RAUSI Mandate and Vision.

Canadian Military:
The primary purpose of RAUSI’s mission to the Canadian Military is to provide moral and real support in accordance with our resources.

Canadian Youth:
The primary purpose of RAUSI’s mission to Canadian Youth is to assist cadets (Navy, Army, Air) with moral and real support, and to provide bursaries in support of post-secondary education.

The Community:
The primary purpose of RAUSI’s mission to the community is to be a bridge between the military and community, and to respond to their mutual interests.

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