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Carmen Lawson on leave
December 15th, 2020 till January 15th, 2021

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Invitation to the 41 Svc BN Birthday

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Valour Canada Newsletter

Included in this edition is an update on the 2020 projects and programs, access to an exclusive article on Welsford Daniels, new features like word games and much more!

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Veteran Community Consultation

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) has launched an online consultation to learn how we can better communicate with and reach out to former Canadian Armed Forces members and their families.

Veteran Community Consultation (PDF)
Review of VAC Income Replacement Benefit for Disabled Veterans

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Review of VAC Income Replacement Benefit for DisabledI Veterans Review of VAC Income Replacement Benefit for DisabledI Veterans (276 KB)

Wednesday to Friday

Daily Lunches and Bar service suspended for now
Lunch at the Danish Canadian Club (DCC) Wednesday through Friday has been arranged in the interim. The DCC is located at 727 11 Ave SW, Calgary, with plenty of free parking. Lunch is also available at the Kensington Legion


Scheduled Items

Invitation to the 41 Svc BN Birthday - Apr 01 - 2020

April 1st 2020, to be held in the unit lines at Currie.
(This year we will celebrate on 25 March in Edmonton and 1 April in Calgary.)

The following activities and timings will be held at each location

1930hrs - tour of unit lines by any who wish to join, in particular Cadets and parents with a focus on vehicles and ability to get inside and look around for the cadets. New vehicles to the Bn would be preferable, so we can "show off" new kit (even Associates / Old Guard like that). Depending on weather, possibly have those vehicles parked in maintenance bays.

2100hrs - Cake - Battalion Drink - Toast to the Bn - CO / Honourary to address the unit, clean up and dismissal.

Battalion toast: to: 41 Service Battalion : Response "The Life Blood in Battle"

Battalion Drink:
Equal parts: Belgian Beer / Normandy Cider plus (a small amount Italian Grappa)
Ensure Non-Alcoholic refreshment is available as well. (a punch of juice)

Good Friday - Apr 10 - 2020
Easter Monday - Apr 13 - 2020
Speakers’ Luncheon at the DCC - Apr 17 - 2020

1200 - 1315 hrs - 100 year history of the Col Belcher

RAUSI Centennial Celebration Dinner - May 08 - 2020

At the Ranchman's Club, see notice in this newsletter for specific details.

VE 75th Anniversary Parade 41 Brigade - May 09 - 2020
Mother's Day - May 10 - 2020
Speakers’ Luncheon at the DCC - May 15 - 2020

1200 - 1315 hrs - Happenings at The Military Museums

R.A.U.S.I. Foundation BOD meeting - May 22 - 2020
12 noon at the DCC
Speakers’ Luncheon at the DCC - Jun 19 - 2020

1200 - 1315 hrs - Current Technologies and You!

Peacekeepers Day Ceremonies Garrison Green - Aug 09 - 2020
R.A.U.S.I. Foundation AGM - Jan 29 - 2021
12 noon at the DCC